Major Project: Report On Progress

Today, I had a one to one session with the professor to report on the progress of my major project’s research and examples which I can use them as an inspiration to build my 3D environment design project. The professor is happy with the examples that I showed him as he like to see different kinds of environment in terms of style, storytelling and emotion.

Therefore, he suggested that I should evaluate and provide analytic comment for each examples which then I could use those elements to plan my artefact. Also he mentioned that game environment design artists are tend to play with player’s emotion such as one of the example named mine that project a doom emotion and the other example named village that project spring like hope.

In addition, I need to perform more research into different kinds of artefact in order to discover what I really want to develop for my game environment in terms of visual language, story it tells and style.

Professor Feedback

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