Design Proposal: Documentation Part 1

Today, I started to gather all of the sources and references which was used to build up my V&A concept idea presentation. First, I created a content page to state what chapter it should have so that I can start to place the contents under the corresponding chapter.

I am focusing on writing the Research, Initial Ideas Development and Final Concept Idea chapter as this is how it all begin from the very beginning. I mentioned that we’ve organised a small group travelling together to visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum to view the artefact as well as other collections. Then, mentioned about the experience of using the existing system in order gain inspiration as well as what it can improve in terms of layouts, structure and user interface.

Continue on what I have left on from yesterday, I started to write Working Title/project, Project Objectives and Establishing Authority (Achievable) chapter as this is the point where I start further develop one of the chose concept idea in terms of name of the project, project objectives and how this can be achieve it.

Looking back at the presentation, it helped me to construct how I should document this process as I wanted to show to the reader that a detailed development was involved and the things that the system should be able to handle. The existing was somewhat confused and hard to use so I mentioned in my concept idea the aspects include or enhanced compared with the existing system.


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