Design Proposal: Documentation Part 2

The next three chapters that I am going to write about is Ideas Incorporated with Digital Media, Features (Less is more) and Target Audience & Diagrams. I added those diagrams into the document and include a description of the diagram to explain what it was about and how the user might interact with the system.

These diagrams and the description would enable the reader to understand and get a sense of how it may look like and how it would function.

Next, is about Measuring the Quality & User Experience, Possible Layout & Components and Addition Technical Diagrams & Descriptions. To measuring the quality and user experience I suggested to deploy Shneiderman’s eight golden rules of interface design as it is the best practice for interface design and assess the interface of the concept idea.

Moreover, the layout and components should be simpler compared with the existing system, and explained the detailed aspects of it. In addition, added these technical diagrams and descriptions to have a detailed look into how the system might function and how it response to user enquiry.


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