Major Project Design Proposal Brief

For the major project, it is required to produce a design proposal documentation to state all the relevant information and diagrams to demonstrate what the artefact is going to be and who the target audience are. The documentation is similar to the Victoria and Albert design proposal documentation except it will require more evidence such as a Gantt chart to show how the process timeline was planned.

Here are the guideline to produce the proposal:

  • A description of the concept.
  • Target audience – Persona.
  • A text-based description of user experiences – User Experience Model.
  • Evidence of experimentation – both selected and rejected approaches.
  • Prototype(s) – Sketches and PowerPoint approach.
  • How artefact communicate and style of the project – Storyboard.
  • A detailed technical specification of equipment – Both hardware and software.
  • An assessment of accessibility/access requirements – Both platform and software.
  • A detailed timeline of how the artefact is going be created – Gantt chart.
  • Annotated bibliography – a short description of how the sources was useful.

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