Major Project: Design Proposal Part 1

Today, I will be starting to write up the major project design proposal documentation to document the development process I have done in the past couple of weeks.

  • 3D Environment Research
  • Initial Mock-Up Sketches
  • Mood Board
  • Gantt Chart
  • Personas
  • Storyboard

The research process has enabled to me to get an insight view of what is 3D environment design is all about and to inspect the details of each models. This is helped a lot in terms of generate concept ideas and evaluate each model to understand what the creator want to tell to the viewer, this is called visual storytelling technique which I need to applied to my model as to what I want the viewer to get from viewing the model, is it inspiration, educational or culture influence architecture or other means.

The next stage, I have produced a number of initial mock-up sketches to document the different kinds of building to create a contrast between past and present days. In the documentation I have mentioned how I have create it as well as to decide which one I will be develop further.

After finalised the concept idea, I started to document the development process of the mood board and explain why this will help to generate the theme for the project, this is used to show the look and feel of the final artefact.

Looking at the Gantt chart, it is to show how time management was applied to the chart to show details of each task, and need to be carried out before it can move on to the next stage of the development process. Also mentioned how personas are helping me to demonstrate the kinds of audience I would like to aim at.

Lastly, I have produced a storyboard and discuss in the document of how this can help to illustrate the user experience, and how this artefact can access from.


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