Major Project: Design Proposal Part 2

Following on what I have left, today’s task is to continue document the major project design proposal documentation to document the development process I have done in the past couple of weeks.

  • Resources – Hardware and Software
  • Feasibility – Knowledge, Skills and Resources
  • Technical – Estimated Outcome
  • Delivery – Platforms and Software

This resources is where I document the available tools for create the 3D environment artefact. However, how all software will be used and only will be a selection of the few which has all the features it required for environment design. However, there are some software which I have not familiar with, and this is the learning curve required in order to develop enough skills for feasibility. Also there are some software which I need to run through again as I have not used for a while.

On completion of the project, I have also made an assumption on the kinds of source files and executable files for the 3D environment design project. However, this is just an estimate to include in the documentation to state the estimated outcome of the project.

Finally, the delivery section is where the user assess the artefact and the required operating systems in order to view the artefact. In this section, I have listed the minimum specifications and recommended specifications for PCs, laptops and MacBooks. However, there is a difference between the two, minimum specifications is where user can view the artefact at low resolution such as low graphic performance and less smooth when interact with the artefact but it is viewable. On the other hand, the recommended specifications is where the artefact can provide the best user experience to the viewer in high resolution of the artefact such as high graphic performance and navigation will be smooth when zoom in, out and rotate  of the artefact.


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