Major Project: Design Proposal Part 3

Today is to finish the last few chapters as well as finalise the proposal.

  • Working Title/Project
  • Project Objectives
  • Ethics Statement
  • Career Goals

The name for the major project is called “A Sneak Peek into the Futuristic Green City, a 3D environment design artefact. In a short sentence of the idea, exploring the new world. This is what I want the viewer to experience when interacting with the artefact.

The main goal of the project is to enable viewer to experience the following aspects:

  • To enable viewer to inspect the environment in great details.
  • To enable interactive model for the artefact.
  • To enable viewers to view the environment in a bird’s-eye trailer.
  • To provide a visual storytelling experience for the viewers.

In the ethics section, I have mentioned that there will be not involving with human subjects as the nature of the artefact is to allow user to browse around the environment in inspect the realism of the buildings and props. Therefore, this is in relation to visual storytelling experience rather than user experience.

The completion of the project may lead to 3D environment design as this project demonstrate an insight view of how environment design is about as well as gain related experience. The long-term aspiration is to work in this field or related area to continue enhance and develop more artefact.

Now that the Major Project Design Proposal Documentation is complete. The only stage is to reviewing and finalising the document in terms of chapter organisation, grammar check and appearance of the work.


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