Practice 2 – Media: Reflection

Identifies The Forefront In 3D Environment Design

Extract 1 – “2025 Bear’s Den Bunker”

Extract 1
Creator: Clinton Crumpler

Commentary: This artefact was created by Clinton Crumpler whom is a senior environment artist, having spent some time looking into his work and researched one of his artefact for the major project research. His 3D environment design models shows a level of realism in terms of use of colour, texture and lighting. For example, the atmosphere of this artefact is very much as if is coming from a real environment but in fact it is from a game scene, and this is the characteristics I would like to have in the artefact.

Extract 2 – “Konoha Inspired Village”

Extract 2
Creator: Christoffer Radsby

Commentary: This is one of the 3D environment design featured in my major project research, developed by a self-taught Swedish 3D artist. This is somewhat related to my situation as I have a passion for video games, and during my free time I like to create 3D models such as props and objects as I have been doing similar work in one of the 3D modelling project. Therefore, I was fascinated by it and would like to develop this skills further by applying this into the major project.

Extract 3 – “Abandoned City”

Extract 3
Creator: Everett Gunther

Commentary: This artefact was one of his personal portfolio piece to enable him to learn more about the modular asset in Unreal Engine. I was amazed by the level of details in just one scene as I would like to develop something like this in the future. This was one of the artefact been looked at as part of the major project research to gain inspiration as the theme of the major project is also a city theme.

Extract 4 – “Artificial Surfing Resort”

Extract 4
Creator: Leon Tukker

Commentary: This artefact is somewhat look as if is coming from a futuristic scene as my major project is in relation to futuristic green city, and I think his environment art piece can help me a lot in terms of themes, lighting and texturing. Besides, all of his work is about fantasy and futuristic environment design. Therefore, I will be looking into his work again for further inspiration and ideas.

Extract 5 – “Sci-Fi City”

Extract 5
Creator: ruslans3d

Commentary: This creator has developed this interesting environment not just the detail of the buildings and props but also it is an 3D interactive environment model which means that you are able to zoom in, out and rotate to inspect the model in great details. Therefore, I would like to have this feature in the major project to provide a better user experience.

Identify What I Have Learnt

Interdisciplinary Project

Looking back on the Practice 2 media module, Interdisciplinary Project and Portfolio & Documentation and the following is what I have learnt from it.

The interdisciplinary project has enabled me to learn and improve the following aspects:

  • Working with students from other disciplines.
  • Using different skills and knowledge.
  • Investing the processes of conceptual and creative development.
  • Time management.
  • Gained experience in public exhibition/demonstration.

This is my first time in working with other students that coming from other disciplines such as Games Art & Design, TV & Films, and Graphic Design. This is actually useful as we have different skills and knowledge to solve each problem that we face which enabled us to assign the suitable task for each individual. Another area, I have learnt is to work as an effective group to investing the process of conceptual which means we have meetings regularly or posting initial ideas to the group blog for discussion. This creative development has helped us as a group to build up a strong teamwork relationship. However, at first we have time management issues as everyone has other work to do and it is difficult to find a suitable time for everyone to meetup, luckily the group has decided to have one of the meetings to be a video conferencing.

Another issue is that I have no experience in building an exhibition to showcase our artefact to the public but before this comes to reality. First, we have to ensure each team member has been assigned into a task to complete so we all can finish the construction on time. However, during this time we have faced constructions issues, material shortage and technical issues. On the other hand, we have demonstrated a strong team relationship and determined to overcome those issues.

For example, for construction issues we have team members to seeking for help while others continue working hard to solve the issue because we had difficult to build the four walls. Another issue is that we have material shortage to cover the top of the roof and the cost of the fabric is expensive, thankfully after several times of seeking help from the art department and art student we finally able to loan a piece of fabric for the exhibition. Lastly, the biggest issue is that we have technical problems with the computer and software as it won’t process the image and project it onto the wall. After several troubleshooting, error fixing and seeing technical help we manage to get hold of another computer which supports the software.

Through this experience, this has taught me the importance of team spirit and team work as well as helping each other out and be supportive to solve those issues. I have learnt a lot from their hard working and gained work experience in working public exhibition as a whole.

Victoria and Albert Museum Presentation

This is the V&A presentation to present a developed concept idea to a group of audience and I have learnt and improved the following aspects:

  • Persona.
  • Storyboard.
  • User experience model.
  • Memorable pitch.

This project has taught me new skillset and improve presentation skills. Persona was something new to me as I have not come across to this kind of method, but I find this useful as it enable me to have a better understanding of the kinds of target audience I would like to aim at. The storyboard aspect of it, is to demonstrate a better understanding of user experience to the audience.

Another area I have learnt is to show how user interact with the system by illustrating how they may interact with the system differently upon their selection. Finally, in order to have a successful memorable pitch it is important to have good use of personas and diagrams to clearly demonstrate how the system may look and work if it was a working application.

All in all, have gained knowledge in Alexander McQueen’s collections, history of the artefact and have the opportunity to visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum for an insight view of all other related artefact.

Major Project Design Proposal

This is the major project proposal to document the tasks which are required to develop the 3D environment artefact, through this development process I have learnt the following aspects:

  • Planning using Gantt chart.
  • Document design.
  • Understand the forefront of my practice.

Gantt chart is something which is useful for planning before carry out any projects as it is a detailed timeline to show each tasks follow by subtasks, and must be completed before moving on to the next development stage. Another useful aspect is that it enable me to have an overview of the project to ensure it have everything covered to avoid having to going back and forth, and this can lead to time wasting and poor project management.

Another aspect is to have an attractive document design to make it interesting and inviting the reader to continue reading the document. This is something I have learnt from this project as the proposal can be bored after reading the first couple of pages. Therefore, to motivate the reader to continue reading the document, it could include images, use of white space and easy to read font size. Finally, this proposal has allowed me to understanding the forefront of my practice by researching into the related areas to gain an insight view of the artefact.

Overall, this is interesting and a fun project to work on as it enable me to see other professional artefact to recognise the forefront in 3D environment design, and this could be helpful when it comes to inspiration for future projects or personal development.


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