Practice: Building Modelling

Today, I will be using Autodesk 3ds Max to develop a building. The aim is to understand the functions of each tool, the interface and the toolkit are somewhat similar compared to SketchUp as this allows me to quickly pickup each tools and went through couple of tutorials in relation to setup the work environment and locate the toolkit. Also, to develop a simple but detailed building to enable me to try out different toolkit and functions.

The layout and the environment is very familiar as well as the toolkit are easy to understand by hovering the mouse on top of the icon, and it display a short description of the tool. The viewport has four perspective to display the object from all angles.

Created By: Francisco

In order to create a building model, I will be using an architectural plan to practice on how to develop an exterior modelling in 3ds Max. This is a detailed plan that shows all sides of the model. I start to create the exterior of the model and give it a pink flat colour to the exterior. Also adding doors and windows to make it more realistic. Finally, add a ceiling on the top to close the design, and this is the basement model.

Plan: Exterior Tutorial
Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco


Megafileupload. Plan Exterior Tutorial. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 25 April 2017].

YouTube. 2017. Exterior Modelling in 3ds Max – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 25 April 2017].


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