Major Study: Strategies of Documentation

Presented my methodologies in relation to strategies of documentation. The presentation went well as I have shown the audience, how I will be documenting the development process for the artefact and there won’t be any changes to my methodologies.

Also, I had a half hour meeting about the plan with the tutor to discuss the changes I have made upon the last feedback to improve the feasibility of the project as a whole.

Here are the changes I need to apply/change to the planning folder:

  • Develop one 3D building in great details.
    • Adopt a modular approach.
  • Research on how modular approaches to 3D building models are done.
  • Continue the primary visual research.
    • Look at architect’s concept designs for green cities and green buildings.
  • Always include referencing for any research materials.
  • Fly through video documentary about the building.
    • Why it is so green or eco-friendly.
    • Discuss the features of the building.
    • The material used for the surface or roof.
    • How this can reduce carbon footprint.
    • Could involve infographics.
    • No longer than five minutes.
    • Produce scripts for voice over.
    • See examples – TV/Apartment adverts.
  • Infographics
    • Graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

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