Major Project: Report On Progress

Today, I had a meeting with the award tutor to discuss the progress as well as if I have any problems or issues with the project. The tutor has confirmed that he had received the revised planning folder and signed off. I have informed the tutor that I am about a week behind schedule due to the reworked plan. Over the past week or so, the focus was to produce sketches and primary research into the sustainable architecture which is coming on well.

Moreover, the upcoming two weeks will be focusing on more 2D images and also look into 3D images as well as animations research on how to innovate buildings are communicated through moving images. In addition, more primary research into specific details on architectural visualisation such as roofs, doors, windows air control and water management etc.

Another aspect to consider is the context of the sketches and the wider urban system. For example, the building forms a part of… think about the people – how do they get in and out……? Therefore, the next two weeks I will be producing more sketches on paper, and think about the surroundings such as four sides with some details – the main entrance, a terrace etc. as well as have made a choice about the building and its overall form then moves to illustrator.

Overall, the tutor is happy with the progress and the research I have done so far.


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