Major Project: Sketches Of The Chosen Building

After spending quite some time in researching architectural visualisation, and I think it’s time to start producing more sketches of the chosen model from the previous initial sketches. Looking back at the initial sketches I produced a few weeks back, I decided to continue the one which is more like the modern architecture and combined with alien spaceship alike rooftop. The reason being is because this architectural is what modern architectural have, but with futuristic characteristic within.

However, compared with the previous sketches I have modified a few changes such as the windows and the doors. This is due to the fact that I was inspired by the recent research into exterior designs, especially the arch designs. The designer combined traditional designs with modern architectural, which makes it interesting and a strong contrast in a good way. Another advantage is that it enables more sunlight and air flow into the building as this is one of many sustainable architecture characteristics.

Created By: Francisco

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