Major Study: … And At The Forefront & Individual Tutorial

Presented my researches in relation to the forefront field. The presentation went well as I showed the audience how my work relates to the forefront in terms of characteristics and the software used to produce the artefact as well as the theory principles. Discussed the people in the forefront field by showing relevant works, and current debates or ideas of why some people agreed and some disagreed. Also, within the discussion included any usual practice, changes and adoption of new methodologies as I mentioned that most creators preferred modular approach as it reduces the time to recreate the same elements from scratch.

Later the day, I had a meeting with the tutor to present the work I have done so far in terms of architectural visualisation, concept designs and sketches. However, the final version was not detailed enough to show the depth of the building, and I have been advised to use my visual research like a Lego set assets of templates which I can combine to produce the final building design to sort out the overall form in terms of space and building features. In addition, have some examples of fly-through videos which works well and some ideas about which are their most effective shots which I might want to replicate.


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