Major Project: Individual Tutorial

Yesterday, I had a meeting with the award tutor to discuss the progress as well as if I have any problems or issues which I need to raise a concern. Since the submission of the planning folder, there have been some changes have been made, which also it is the suggestion from the tutor is that to focus on a specific modelling rather than develop an entire city as it will require a long period of time, and is over the allowance of thirteen weeks.

We have also discussed that I have done a number of research in relation to the forefront, theories and principles and architectural visualisation. The past few weeks, was a focus on sketches trying to get the final version of the building correct before moving on to modelling stage. Next, I showed the tutor my blogging progress and he was happy with the process I have done so far.

However, I have been given suggestions in relation to referencing although I have Harvard referenced all the visual research materials it is also important to include the collage images of which images I have used. This is similar to a citation in an essay written. For example, using a number system to name each number and in collage image mention the number was used in the collage collection.

The overall process is about a week behind which I need to make more time for it. for next week’s meeting, the tutor would like to see I have tested out a software called “Lumion” an application which turns the 3D model into architectural visualisation videos and images. The purpose is to how I story telling about my completed artefact and experiment with it. The tutor suggested that the final flythrough video should no longer than ninety seconds.

So for next week, have a flythrough video to demonstrate how I story telling about the artefact which I can use my previous mock-up buildings and started the initial modelling development of the artefact.


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