Major Project: Week Six Reflection

The week, I have been focusing on the development of collage to demonstrate the concept ideas in a visual format. This quick and easy methodology has enabled me to use my visual research library as source materials to produce several collages such as the exterior design, material on the surface as well as different kind of shapes and sizes for doors and windows.

Another area is the practice modelling to see how it might turn out in rendering mode. The showed me that there are improvements required such as the texturing and level of details of the actual model although this just the practice session and it enabled me to rethink about the building I am about to develop.

Therefore, I decided to return to the drawing broad as the previous sketches were not detailed enough and I have been carefully considered the real work measurements such as the height of each floor and the width of the room. On the skyscraper sketches, I have considered more on the details and the overall aesthetics of the building itself after what I have learned from the previous sketches and individual tutorial suggestions.

The experimentation in using Lumion has also allowed me to learn how to use flythrough to showcase the artefact itself. From this experimentation, I noticed there are advantage and disadvantage in using the application, the advantage is that it has a simple user interface and easy to learn. The disadvantage is because this is a trial version which means the video of the flythrough is limited at around sixty seconds long. So, it led me to think about the narrative I am trying to present to the viewer of how to provide an interesting story telling experience.


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