Major Project: Individual Tutorial

This Wednesday, I had a meeting with the award tutor to discuss the current progress of the project. Since the last meeting, there are several recommendations for the project one of which is the try out the flythrough feature and experiment it with the mock-up models made in 3ds Max to see how the application works. I have also rendered a low-resolution fly through and I discuss the time issues if the model was rendered in high resolution meaning that the model is smooth, textures are clear and not blur.

Also, due to the limitation of time at around sixty seconds long which means I cannot have a longer fly through experience. Therefore, the tutor has suggested that record two flythroughs of up to ninety seconds long and use a video editor application to combine the two into one flythrough video.

Then, we start looking at the model and there are questions which need to be answered such as where would you see the building? And what makes this building so green? Also, what are the green ideas, consider construction, energy use and quality of life. As this is a skyscraper and it will largely be covered with reinforced windows, and it raised a question if the exterior is largely covered with windows and organic materials which create a heat problem as it increases the possibility of natural sunlight to reach into the interior as much as possible. Those are the issues which I need to think about and have a solution for it. In addition, think about the texturing materials whether are created from scratch or using online materials.

Therefore, for next week the tutor would like to see I have some answers for those issues and possibly demonstrate it on the building itself as well as continue modelling the building.


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