Major Project: Week Seven Reflection

This is another productive week as I started the model development process to create the basic structure of the building and refine each area section by section. I have learned a lot from using the 3ds Max application, useful tricks such as Alt + W to maximise or minimise viewport, Alt + X to turn selected object transparent, repeat to remove, G to turn grid off and on, F3 switches shaded display viewport to wireframe and back, and F4 switches shaded viewport to shaded with edges and back. These are just a few of the tips and tricks I have learned from using the application.

Now that the building starts to look like more realistic and I am satisfied with the current progress although I am still behind schedule which means I need to make time for it to catch up with the scheduled timeline. Overall, did a lot of modelling this week and will continue next week alongside considering the use of texture materials for exteriors.


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