Major Project: Model Development – Exteriors

Continue working on the entrance of the building, the entrance will have a curved glass door which will open automictically when people walk near the door. Managed to remove the door frame as the frame cannot be curved to fit the round entrance. Then moved onto the sky bridges, I discovered that the bridges are not fit perfectly with the twin building and it also causes extrude issues which mean I have to recreate both bridges, but this time both bridges are joined in the middle in order to solve the extruded issues as it affecting the windows installation.

Once, that is done I start working on the upper building to install those windows onto the outer wall of the building. However, as the upper structure are smaller than the lower structure and I have to resize those windows in order to fit perfectly with the extruded space.

Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco

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