Major Project: Forefront – Organic Architecture

Organic architecture is the art of sustainable living. Also, organic architecture is a term Frank Lloyd Wright used to describe his environmentally integrated approach to architectural design, this is more of a way of living than a tangible thing as it involves respecting the properties of surrounding natural materials, understanding the function of the building, and making them work together with the building site in a harmonious way. Here are some of the Wright’s design ideology and principles as shown below.

  • The belief that a building should appear to grow easily from its site.
  • Choosing one dominant form for a building and integrating that form throughout.
  • Using natural colours: “Go into the woods and field for colour schemes”.
  • Revealing the nature of materials
  • Opening up spaces.
  • Providing a place for natural foliage.

Wright’s work and principles enable me to rethink in terms of use of materials, colour schemes and how to integrate with the natural. This also inspired me to consider a possibility of how to integrate organic materials with the building itself.


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