Major Project: Individual Tutorial – Huge Crisis

Yesterday, I had an individual tutorial with the award tutor and I present the up-to-date artefact and discuss what I have been working on this week. The main problem I have been working on the artefact and trying to solve the huge complex polys issues as the poly counts is around 92,000,000 but the file size is only 7500KB which does not match up with the figures.

However, I did try to reduce the poly counts to around 1,237,050 but later I discovered that this does not solve the lagging issue although the ploys have reduced the programme remain to perform a huge amount of calculations, as well as the frames per second, remain extremely low.

Therefore, there must be duplicate objects, groups and textures issues which I need to find out. I decided to carry out a number of tests to find the main issue of why this is happing to my artefact otherwise I cannot continue whit the development process.

Tests To Be Carried Out:

  1. Test the complex model using high specs PC.
    • The model cannot be run in high specs PC due to very high complex ploys and lagging performance.
  2. Test the improved model using high specs PC
    • The model can run smoothly in high specs PC but if adding textures, it will be lagging again.
  3. Test the improved model in Unreal Engine
    • The model has been divided into individual thousands of individual objects.
    • There are light mapping issues.
    • There are mesh issues.
    • The model cannot be shown in Unreal Engine
  4. Test the improved model in Unity
    • The model in Unity seems working.
    • However, this is because of no lighting/shadow and textures.
  5. Test the improved model in Lumion
    • The model is very lagging.
    • However, the model seems very clear.

In conclusion, there are clearly to do with the high ploys I developed recently and I will be trying to remove the organic textures from the artefact and to see if this can improve the lagging and the complex poly counts issues. If not, the worst-case scenario is to recreate the entire model, but I would like to recreate one floor first to see the overall poly counts of such level.

Created By: Francisco – High Poly Counts
Created By: Francisco – Improved Ploy Counts
Professor Feedback
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Professor Feedback

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