Major Project: Week Eleven Reflection

This week, I have been focusing on several areas as the deadline is near. To ensure the fly through video is done in the correct way, a fly through experimentation has been carried out to ensure that the settings won’t produce incorrect outcomes. Within the fly through experimentation, I have also tried to play around with the lighting and shadowing effects to see how this can improve when it comes to applying onto the final model.

Once, I am happy with the settings, and the lighting setup then is time to place cameras around the artefact to showcase its aesthetics. I have learned a lot this week as I was unsure how to create a fly through but after several trying and testing I started to understand how to correctly place cameras and view from the camera’s perspective to ensure it is captured in the frame. Another area is where I discover that 3ds Max offer fly through which means I don’t need to export into the Unity and save me a lot of time as it can be done within the application, it has been a very productive week as the rendering process has started and hopefully the video will be done in the next few days.

Finally, I have also started script writing for the fly through video as I think is a good time while the model is rendering. At first, I wasn’t sure what to include in the fly through video, but after looking at the artefact itself and the tutorial notes which helped me to start the initial scripts which are about showcase the features of the model itself and explains why I have chosen this particular material for this area or level.


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