Major Project: Forefront – Industries That Use 3D Models

In today’s economies, there are many types of industries which are using 3D models for their project. Therefore, there is a huge demand for 3D contents and this is something which can be both forefronts and is linked to my practice. I have been looked at some of the videos which showcase how 3D models have transformed each industry in a different way.

Game Development

The gaming industry is growing from 108.9 billion in 2017 to $128.5 billion in 2020, this is expected to continue to grow due to significant revenue into the 3D industry. As time progress, video games have become ever so complex due to most games we play today will include 3d assets such as props or even the entire 3D environment. The result and the complexity of those new game titles require large game development team to work overtime in order to meet tight deadlines.

On the other hand, the quality and realism of the game itself are increasing year after year, resulting in the lines between reality and games ever closer. More and more game companies are using high-polygon quality 3D models, and the latest shader technologies in order to increase the realism of the game content. I have looked a video from CryEngine that showcase what 3D models are capable to do for future games. The forefront of the 3D model has demonstrated to me that how my practice can really be helping the industry after a lot of hard work and effects putting into every single model.

Film and Media

This is very similar to the gaming industry as the film and media industry is also using 3D content heavily. For example, the release of Avatar back in 2009 which was a revolutionary in the use of 3D and this apply to most feature films. Another area is where film companies are often using a variety of 3D models sourcing from marketplace sites.

The TurboSquid blog showcases some excellent 3D content and has been used in the industry. The 3D content has been the forefront of this industry to showcase the potential it can bring to future film making, this got me thinking that my practice is playing an important role in these industries.


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