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Major Project: Flythrough Experimentation

Before I start to animate the final fly through video, I decided to test run the model in unity first. This is to ensure that I am familiar with the settings and features in order to produce the final outcome. On the other hand, this experimentation will enable me to understand how it works as well as troubleshooting before applying to the final model.

However, I discovered that 3ds Max allows flythrough animation which it can save the time for long hours of rendering as everything is in one place and I can setup how I want my fly through to be, as Unity will require some sort of coding in order to produce a fly through video.

Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco


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Major Project: Lumion Experimentation

As the tutor suggested during the individual tutorial, I have downloaded a trial version of the Lumion to experience the flythrough functionality as well as other offered features such as adding effects and objects into the scene. However, my laptop’s GPU isn’t very high which causes the performance slow as it takes longer to render the scene.

The user interface is simple and easy to use as I can learn very quickly, I have tried to record a flythrough video and it plays smoothly but when it comes to rendering it into a video clip it can take a least three hours even at low resolution. For the purpose of experimentation, I won’t be rendering it into a video clip but I can record my screen so at least I can see how it might turn out when it complete.

Created By: Francisco

Flythrough Experimentation

Created By: Francisco


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