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Major Project: Finalising The Presentation & Continues Sketches

This morning I have been proofreading and finalising the presentation slides for this Wednesday as I have to present my forefront field in front of the class. Then back on working to producing sketches of the building, I should began doing the modelling process at some point during the week to mock-up the initial model and refine it in the weekends.

At the same time, I have been thinking about the material, and texture which will be used to cover on the surface of the artefact such as organic materials, solar panels texture, windows texture and door texture as these materials will be created using Photoshop.

Created By Francisco
Created By: Francisco

Major Study: … And At The Forefront

Started working on the presentation today, in my slides I discuss the forefront in my field and how is related. There are architectural visualisation images to demonstrate how professionals are combine the idea of “Sustainable Architecture” into their artefact. When it comes to producing a 3D artefact there are a number of processes which required to follow in order to develop a successful model.

Also, there are current debates and ideas in the forefront field as I am trying to point out. Another area is the change and adoption of new methodologies as the 3D modelling field prefer using modular approach to build or produce a mock-up artefact quick, and easy to show how it may look like.

Examples of Architectural Visualisation & Sustainable Architecture

Creator: Jean Nouvel

Creator: Winy Maas


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Major Project: Further Sketches Of The Initial Drawings

Today, I will be continuing working on more sketches of the building to produce drawings which includes surroundings as well as standalone drawings to show a more precise refined sketches before moving on to develop the initial building model next week. Ideally, I should have sketches to show the four sides of the building with refined exterior designs. Along with sketches to show the surroundings of the building.

Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco

Major Study: … And At The Forefront

For next Wednesday, 28th of June, we’ve been asked to produce a presentation or similar format in relation to “Symposium: … And At The Forefront”. The presentation should be no longer than five minutes which is about four to five slides. It should contain the following elements to show the reader how my work is linked with the forefront field.

  • How your work relates to the forefront in your field.
  • How you have identified the forefront of your field in terms of:
    • People,
    • Process and technologies,
    • Key works,
    • Current debates and ideas.
  • How the forefront you have identified relates to commercial or usual practice (think about change and the adoption of new methodologies).

Major Project: Sketches Of The Chosen Building

After spend quite some time in researching architectural visualisation, and I think is time to start producing more sketches of the chosen model from the previous initial sketches. Looking back at the initial sketches I produced few weeks back, I decided to continue the one which is more similar to the modern architecture and combined with alien spaceship alike rooftop. The reason being is because this architectural is what modern architectural have, but with futuristic characteristic within.

However, compared with the previous sketches I have modified a few changes such as the windows and the doors. This is due to the fact that I was inspired by the recent research into exterior designs, especially the arch designs. The designer combined traditional designs with modern architectural, which makes it interesting and a strong contrast in a good way. Another advantage is that, it enables more sunlight and air flow into the building as this is one of many sustainable architecture characteristics.

Created By: Francisco

Major Project: Futuristic Exterior Designs Research

Today, I will be continue the research into futuristic exterior designs to find more examples before deciding what kind and type of exterior should have in my concept design sketches. Those exterior examples can be very different compared with the modern exterior designs. However, most of them are following the similar path in terms of shapes and sizes, and some are in mixture of different shapes which demonstrate a good contrast with tinted windows.

Therefore, those examples are a good reference to look into and is helpful when it comes to develop my own exterior for the building as I am inspired by some of the exterior designs.

Futuristic Exterior Designs


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Major Project: Futuristic Exterior Designs Research

After spent quite some time in architectural visualisation research, now I want to shift the focus onto exterior designs such as roofs, doors, windows air control, water management etc. As the topic suggested, futuristic exterior designs, I will be looking into designs which are matching the needs for my design.

This is to research into more specific details and to the gain inspiration is to what elements it should have in my exterior concept design sketches, and the exterior designs would benefit me when it comes to sketch out the exterior of the building to give it a more detailed design to it.

Futuristic Exterior Designs


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Major Project: 3D Architectural Visualisation Research

Continue the architectural visualisation research but in 3D style as I would like to see some 3D architectural visualisation models in a realistic form. There are some models which contains surroundings and it makes much more convince. This demonstrate 3D models are innovative buildings as it communicated in a different perspective compared with the previous 2D images.

Another aspect is that it enable viewers to view the artefact in a highly detailed model as well as it gives the impression of a real building could be built with the help of those 3D architectural visualisation. Therefore, this would benefit when it comes to develop the initial model next week.

3D Architectural Visualisation


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Major Project: Architectural Visualisation Research

Today, I will be focusing and perform more architectural visualisation research in relation to futuristic building in order to recognise how the artefacts are communicated with the help with surroundings. However, the model itself are the main focus as the surroundings are to enhance visual experience such as where would you see this building or why is this building is built in this location etc.

This allows me to think about the location of my building would be built on. For example, urban city or countryside etc. as well as where would you see this building. For example, on a lake or a nearby river as it may use water power to generate electricity.

Architectural Visualisation


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