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Major Project: Presentation Day

This is the day where I present my artefact, promotional video and fly through video documentary which I have been worked on for the past twelfth weeks. The script is prepared and printed after a number of practices yesterday, but I was a bit nervous. However, I think the presentation went well as I managed to present all of my works within the given time as well as managed to send my message across without any problems.

The final thing I am going to do before the deadline which is tomorrow afternoon is to update my blog and ensuring all research materials are fully referenced and labelled. Also, finishing the two posts tonight which is the evaluating my creative decision making, and evaluating my new learning and skills.


Major Project: Flythrough Video Documentary, Promotional Video & Presentation Refinement

The flythrough video documentary has finished rendering and is now available to view via YouTube with a short description to say what the video is about. For the promotional video, it is also finished rendering this afternoon and I have a short description of what is the video is about alongside with my social profiles such as LinkedIn, WordPress blog, and websites which enable the audience to interact with the artefact in both virtual reality and standard interaction.However, when I view the finished promotional video, I realised that I forgot to include my

However, when I view the finished promotional video, I realised that I forgot to include my contract detail. So, I had to add the information in Adobe Affect Effects and rendering the video again, luckily, I managed to finish it on the day.

Since, I still have two days till the presentation I have spent some time in proofreading the scripts as well as timed myself to see how long it take me to finish the scripts, ideally, I should finish it within thirteen minutes as two minutes will be used for the promotional video. Unfortunately, I was over by one minutes which means I have to cut down of the scripts and practice again to ensure the flow as smooth as possible.

Major Project: Promotional Video Editing & Final Presentation

Today I have been focusing on the promotional video editing and uploading it to YouTube. I will be using Adobe Premiere Pro to construct my video where I add my recorded scripts into the video. Also, a few seconds of the artefact itself to have a sneak peek of what it is about. Once the video has rendered in Adobe Media Encoder then I will import the video into Adobe After Effects where I can add text and apply animation onto the text to make it more interesting for the audience to see.

Also at the same time, I will continue working on the presentation slides where I discuss how I evaluate my final artefact using the criteria which I have identified with images to aid understanding.

Major Project: Model Rendering Crisis & Presentation Preparation

The model was rendered for the past five to six days and it only rendered for only seven seconds out of the ninety seconds long fly through video. There must be something wrong with the rendering setup or the properties within the artefact. I decided to terminate the rendering process and trying to find out why it is taking so long to render. After several attempts on changing the render setup but there was nothing wrong with it. Next, I reduced the resolution to a lower pixel but the result was not great.

Finally, I changed some of the lightings and shadowing setups and this was the problem as the programme has to calculate each frame’s light, shadow, distance and depth which causes a very long time in the rendering process. after removed and changed some of the lightings and retry to render the artefact again. The rendering time has improved significantly in terms of speed and time, however, the resolution has reduced slightly but it is acceptable.

Also, I have started developing the structure of the presentation but it is at the initial stage. The presentation is in relation to research and forefront inspiration, the artefact’s target audience, largely focus on reflection and evaluation of the artefact itself, learning outcomes of the course and how this can contribute to my career. However, it needs more refinement as well as that I have covered all of the main points which mentioned on the assignment brief.

Major Study: … And At The Forefront & Individual Tutorial

Presented my researches in relation to the forefront field. The presentation went well as I showed the audience how my work relates to the forefront in terms of characteristics and the software used to produce the artefact as well as the theory principles. Discussed the people in the forefront field by showing relevant works, and current debates or ideas of why some people agreed and some disagreed. Also, within the discussion included any usual practice, changes and adoption of new methodologies as I mentioned that most creators preferred modular approach as it reduces the time to recreate the same elements from scratch.

Later the day, I had a meeting with the tutor to present the work I have done so far in terms of architectural visualisation, concept designs and sketches. However, the final version was not detailed enough to show the depth of the building, and I have been advised to use my visual research like a Lego set assets of templates which I can combine to produce the final building design to sort out the overall form in terms of space and building features. In addition, have some examples of fly-through videos which works well and some ideas about which are their most effective shots which I might want to replicate.

Major Project: Finalising The Presentation & Continues Sketches

This morning I have been proofreading and finalising the presentation slides for this Wednesday as I should present my forefront field in front of the class. Then back on working to producing sketches of the building, I should begin doing the modelling process at some point during the week to mock-up the initial model and refine it in the weekends.

At the same time, I have been thinking about the material, and texture which will be used to cover the surface of the artefact such as organic materials, solar panels texture, windows texture and door texture as these materials will be created using Photoshop.

Created By Francisco
Created By: Francisco

Major Study: … And At The Forefront

Started working on the presentation today, in my slides, I discuss the forefront in my field and how is related. There are architectural visualisation images to demonstrate how professionals combine the idea of “Sustainable Architecture” into their artefact. When it comes to producing a 3D artefact there are several processes which required to follow to develop a successful model.

Also, there are current debates and ideas in the forefront field as I am trying to point out. Another area is the change and adoption of new methodologies as the 3D modelling field prefer using a modular approach to build or produce a mock-up artefact quick, and easy to show how it may look like.

Examples of Architectural Visualisation & Sustainable Architecture

Creator: Jean Nouvel

Creator: Winy Maas


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Major Study: … And At The Forefront

For next Wednesday, 28th of June, we’ve been asked to produce a presentation or similar format in relation to “Symposium: … And At The Forefront”. The presentation should be no longer than five minutes which is about four to five slides. It should contain the following elements to show the reader how my work is linked with the forefront field.

  • How your work relates to the forefront in your field.
  • How you have identified the forefront of your field in terms of:
    • People,
    • Process and technologies,
    • Key works,
    • Current debates and ideas.
  • How the forefront you have identified relates to commercial or usual practice (think about change and the adoption of new methodologies).

Major Study: Strategies of Documentation

Presented my methodologies in relation to strategies of documentation. The presentation went well as I have shown the audience, how I will be documenting the development process for the artefact and there won’t be any changes to my methodologies.

Also, I had a half hour meeting about the plan with the tutor to discuss the changes I have made upon the last feedback to improve the feasibility of the project as a whole.

Here are the changes I need to apply/change to the planning folder:

  • Develop one 3D building in great details.
    • Adopt a modular approach.
  • Research on how modular approaches to 3D building models are done.
  • Continue the primary visual research.
    • Look at architect’s concept designs for green cities and green buildings.
  • Always include referencing for any research materials.
  • Fly through video documentary about the building.
    • Why it is so green or eco-friendly.
    • Discuss the features of the building.
    • The material used for the surface or roof.
    • How this can reduce carbon footprint.
    • Could involve infographics.
    • No longer than five minutes.
    • Produce scripts for voice over.
    • See examples – TV/Apartment adverts.
  • Infographics
    • Graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

Major Project: Finalise the Presentation & Continue Sketches

Continue working on the presentation on how I document the project development life cycle, also referred to as the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). I will be spending fewer more hours to just finalising and proofreading the slides.

Later, will be continuing the sketches of the buildings because per my Gantt chart I am somewhat behind schedule. Therefore, I want to spend more time on the sketches and once I receive a signed off for approving I can start developing the models in Autodesk 3ds Max very soon.

Created By: Francisco