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Major Project: Finalising The Presentation & Continues Sketches

This morning I have been proofreading and finalising the presentation slides for this Wednesday as I have to present my forefront field in front of the class. Then back on working to producing sketches of the building, I should began doing the modelling process at some point during the week to mock-up the initial model and refine it in the weekends.

At the same time, I have been thinking about the material, and texture which will be used to cover on the surface of the artefact such as organic materials, solar panels texture, windows texture and door texture as these materials will be created using Photoshop.

Created By Francisco
Created By: Francisco

Major Study: … And At The Forefront

Started working on the presentation today, in my slides I discuss the forefront in my field and how is related. There are architectural visualisation images to demonstrate how professionals are combine the idea of “Sustainable Architecture” into their artefact. When it comes to producing a 3D artefact there are a number of processes which required to follow in order to develop a successful model.

Also, there are current debates and ideas in the forefront field as I am trying to point out. Another area is the change and adoption of new methodologies as the 3D modelling field prefer using modular approach to build or produce a mock-up artefact quick, and easy to show how it may look like.

Examples of Architectural Visualisation & Sustainable Architecture

Creator: Jean Nouvel

Creator: Winy Maas


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Major Study: … And At The Forefront

For next Wednesday, 28th of June, we’ve been asked to produce a presentation or similar format in relation to “Symposium: … And At The Forefront”. The presentation should be no longer than five minutes which is about four to five slides. It should contain the following elements to show the reader how my work is linked with the forefront field.

  • How your work relates to the forefront in your field.
  • How you have identified the forefront of your field in terms of:
    • People,
    • Process and technologies,
    • Key works,
    • Current debates and ideas.
  • How the forefront you have identified relates to commercial or usual practice (think about change and the adoption of new methodologies).

Major Study: Strategies of Documentation

Presented my methodologies in relation to strategies of documentation. The presentation went well as I have showed the audience, how I will be document the development process for the artefact and there won’t be any changes to my methodologies.

Also, I had a half hour meeting about the plan with the tutor to discuss the changes I have made upon the last feedback to improve the feasibility of the project as whole.

Here are the changes I need to apply/change to the planning folder:

  • Develop one 3D building in great details.
    • Adopt a modular approach.
  • Research on how modular approaches to 3D building models are done.
  • Continue the primary visual research.
    • Look at architect’s concept designs for green cities and green buildings.
  • Always include referencing for any research materials.
  • Fly through video documentary about the building.
    • Why it is so green or eco-friendly.
    • Discuss the features of the building.
    • The material used for the surface or roof.
    • How this can reduce carbon footprint.
    • Could involve infographics.
    • No longer than five minutes.
    • Produce scripts for voice over.
    • See examples – TV/Apartment adverts.
  • Infographics.
    • Graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

Major Project: Finalise the Presentation & Continue Sketches

Continue working on the presentation on how I document the project development life cycle, also referred to as the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). I will be spending a fewer more hours to just finalising and proof reading the slides.

Later on will be continuing the sketches of the buildings because according to my Gantt chart I am somewhat behind schedule. Therefore, I want to spend more time on the sketches and once I receive a signed off for approve I can start develop the models in Autodesk 3ds Max very soon.

Created By: Francisco

Major Study: Strategies of Documentation

Started working on the presentation to present how I document the development process for the Major Study and how to overcome issues during the process. The methodologies will be deployed are blog, Gantt chart, sketches, personas and mood board. These techniques demonstrate each aspects of the project to show a clear and transparent process to enable tutor to understand each development stage.

Besides blogging, the Gantt chart will require a regular review to ensure the changes I made are applied to the chart to show changes to the strategy. Also, apart from documenting the process I will be posting posts about which I have learned from it and how it can be done better for future projects. This wrapped up the presentation for strategies of documentation.

Major Study: Strategies of Documentation

For next Wednesday, 7th of June, we’ve been asked to produce a presentation or similar format in relation to “Symposium: Strategies of Documentation”. The presentation should be no longer that five minutes which is about three to four slides. It should contain the following elements to show the reader how I approach and document my development process.

  • How you are approaching documenting your development process. For example, technique(s), how often, how much etc.
  • Why this is an appropriate process for your particular project.
  • How you are approaching reviewing your documentation and reflecting upon your activity.
  • Some preliminary judgements or observations about how effective your planned strategy is.
  • Any changes you plan to make.
  • Any especially effective or striking aspects you think might be useful to other members of the group.

V & A Museum: Presentation Day

Today, I was at the Victoria and Albert Museum to present my concept idea to the panel. The presentation was around ten minutes long although they did not specific the time limit during the introduction. I present the concept idea in a form of a slideshow and include diagrams such as personas, storyboards, experience model and additional technical diagrams to aid understanding of the proposed idea. I think I have demonstrate and sent out a clear message of the idea as the panels seems to understand my idea which is called “Search Intelligence” in a nutshell it is a customisable search engine for knowledgeable and beginner users to discover Alexander McQueen’s collection.

The feedback was given after all the maters students have presented their presentation to the panels. We have been given a general feedback in terms of that everyone had a different approach to the ideas of search and discover McQueen’s collection. The feedback for my presentation is that I have showed a clear path of the bother users are interacting the system using storyboard to show a walk-through of the system, experience model to show how user interact with the system and technical diagrams to show an in-depth review of the system such as how it functions when interaction and how it response to user request.