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Major Project: Week Eleven Reflection

This week, I have been focusing on several areas as the deadline is near. To ensure the fly through video is done in the correct way, a fly through experimentation has been carried out to ensure that the settings won’t produce incorrect outcomes. Within the fly through experimentation, I have also tried to play around with the lighting and shadowing effects to see how this can improve when it comes to applying onto the final model.

Once, I am happy with the settings, and the lighting setup then is time to place cameras around the artefact to showcase its aesthetics. I have learned a lot this week as I was unsure how to create a fly through but after several trying and testing I started to understand how to correctly place cameras and view from the camera’s perspective to ensure it is captured in the frame. Another area is where I discover that 3ds Max offer fly through which means I don’t need to export into the Unity and save me a lot of time as it can be done within the application, it has been a very productive week as the rendering process has started and hopefully the video will be done in the next few days.

Finally, I have also started script writing for the fly through video as I think is a good time while the model is rendering. At first, I wasn’t sure what to include in the fly through video, but after looking at the artefact itself and the tutorial notes which helped me to start the initial scripts which are about showcase the features of the model itself and explains why I have chosen this particular material for this area or level.


Major Project: Week Ten Reflection

This week, I have been focusing on model refinement to ensure that the model is completed before moving to the next stage of the development process. Next, I have spent more than half of the week on creating and developing the textures which I will be using it in the model. By ensuring the first step is done correctly so when it comes to applying textures there won’t be any issues but it is uncertain.

Those material textures play an important part which explains I am spending more time to ensure it is done seamlessly, and this is how I approach to problem-solving by ensuring each stage is finished first before moving on. The texture development has enabled me to create realistic materials to apply onto the model although there are improvements needed, the learning process was great this week.

Major Project: Week Nine Reflection

This is I have been largely focusing on the high poly counts issue as this is what stops me from moving on to the next stage. After I had an individual meeting with the tutor and with suggestions on how to improve it. I decided to carry out a number of tests, the reason being is to examine the model in every way possible in order to get to the bottom of this crisis.

I believe this methodology has helped me a lot, although it will take more time, it is worth it at the end. This is enabled to me to stop and think outside the box in a different perspective, this can be time-consuming but it is very effective. Therefore, if there are issues stop, think and have a test plan to identify the problem.

Major Project: Week Eight Reflection

This week, I have been focusing working on the exteriors of the building as the core of the building is near completion. This methodology seems to fit my workflow as I prefer to focus on a section to get the basic shape in form then moving onto the next section. Once, the basic shape is complete as it enables me to visualise the model and return to each section with a more detailed modelling.

This has helped me to understand which modular fits well or which modular require more work or another design. Therefore, I will continue to adopt this “Section Modular” approach in the rest of the modelling development.

Major Project: Week Seven Reflection

This is another productive week as I started the model development process to create the basic structure of the building and refine each area section by section. I have learned a lot from using the 3ds Max application, useful tricks such as Alt + W to maximise or minimise viewport, Alt + X to turn selected object transparent, repeat to remove, G to turn grid off and on, F3 switches shaded display viewport to wireframe and back, and F4 switches shaded viewport to shaded with edges and back. These are just a few of the tips and tricks I have learned from using the application.

Now that the building starts to look like more realistic and I am satisfied with the current progress although I am still behind schedule which means I need to make time for it to catch up with the scheduled timeline. Overall, did a lot of modelling this week and will continue next week alongside considering the use of texture materials for exteriors.

Major Project: Week Six Reflection

The week, I have been focusing on the development of collage to demonstrate the concept ideas in a visual format. This quick and easy methodology has enabled me to use my visual research library as source materials to produce several collages such as the exterior design, material on the surface as well as different kind of shapes and sizes for doors and windows.

Another area is the practice modelling to see how it might turn out in rendering mode. The showed me that there are improvements required such as the texturing and level of details of the actual model although this just the practice session and it enabled me to rethink about the building I am about to develop.

Therefore, I decided to return to the drawing broad as the previous sketches were not detailed enough and I have been carefully considered the real work measurements such as the height of each floor and the width of the room. On the skyscraper sketches, I have considered more on the details and the overall aesthetics of the building itself after what I have learned from the previous sketches and individual tutorial suggestions.

The experimentation in using Lumion has also allowed me to learn how to use flythrough to showcase the artefact itself. From this experimentation, I noticed there are advantage and disadvantage in using the application, the advantage is that it has a simple user interface and easy to learn. The disadvantage is because this is a trial version which means the video of the flythrough is limited at around sixty seconds long. So, it led me to think about the narrative I am trying to present to the viewer of how to provide an interesting story telling experience.

Major Project: Week Five Reflection

This week, I have been working on more concept sketches of the artefact and exterior designs to see which concept will make a good combination. The sketch development has enabled me to develop and produce ideas quickly and update the overall design when required, and the sketches I have produced could include more details because it is not enough to show the depth and space of the building as the tutor mentioned during the individual tutorial.

The forefront presentation also enabled me to recognise other creator’s artefact, and how I can adapt their practice into my own practice. The level of details and realism is something I could learn from them. Also, other student’s presentation has shown me their forefront practice and artefact in terms of key works and people.

Major Project: Week Four Reflection

The past week, I have spent half of the week in reaching architectural visualisation, 3D architectural visualisation and futuristic exterior designs. The research has enabled me to recognise the importance of visualisation as it allows viewers to understand what kind of building I will be making through sketches as well as research in exterior designs which has inspired me when it comes to the details of the building such as the doors and windows.

For the other half of the week, I was continuing producing more sketches of the building to show a clearer picture of the location and surroundings of the building. Besides this, I am also working on the presentation slides for next week. Therefore, had a productive week from forefront researching to sketching. Next week, I should be working on the initial model of the building in Autodesk 3ds Max.

Major Project: Week Three Reflection

The past week, I was focusing on producing initial concept designs as well as primary research into green buildings and futuristic concept ideas. It enabled me to discover a number of helpful 2D images which I can use it as a reference guide. Also, had a meeting with the award tutor to report on progress which it went well as I have shown the tutor several sketches with ongoing primary visual research.

Therefore, for next week I will continue to sketch more concept designs with a more refined exterior and continue the forefront research, hopefully I will have selected which concept design for further developments and include surrounding sketches to show where this building will be built on such as near a river, lake, urban city or blend in with the natural ecosystems.

Major Project: Week Two Reflection

This week I was working on the documentation side of it rather than focusing on the project as we have been told to produce a presentation in relation to “Symposium: Strategies of Documentation”. Also, had another meeting with the tutor again to discuss my planning folder as the scope of the project I proposed will require more than twelve weeks which means I need to reduce the scale of the project as well as revising the planning folder and the Gantt chart once again to apply those changes.

Therefore, this week I did not spend a lot of time in sketches and research but I will be focusing on the project over the weekends as the revised planning folder and presentation are completed and received a signed off approve of the proposed planning folder.