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Major Project: Promotional Video Structure & Scripts

Have started working on the scripts, at the moment the scripts are at around six hundred words which I need to reduce to around three hundred words in order to fit in the two minutes promotional. I will be focusing on the script and refine the initial scripts as I have to use a long story short approach.

Another area I am working on is the structure of the promotional video, I have made a storyboard to show each section of what I am going to say as well as showing the artefact’s features and functions. The feedback for the promotional video was great and I don’t think there is a need to modify the storyboard but I will check again to ensure it has everything covered before start creating the promotional video.

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Created By: Francisco

Major Project: Model Rendering In Progress

The artefact rendering is still in progress which means there is nothing I can do for now. However, since I have finalised the scripts for the flythrough video and the voice over recording is near completion except I wanted to check the structure and proofreading the scripts for the last time before I am moving on to the next stage.

At the same time, I have also started the promotional video scripts and video structure. The scripts for both videos are very similar except one is focus on the artefact itself and the other one is focus the features, functions and why is it so interest for the audience to care about.

Major Project: Finalise Scripts & Record Voice Over

Today, I will continue working on the initial scripts for the fly through video and to continue to finalise the scripts even more while the model rendering is ongoing. Looking at the initial scripts there were not many in-depth details as I was wanted to note down the main points where I want to highlight and expand upon those points. I have added more details and made a few corrections to the initial scripts.

However, I will be spending some time to proof read the scripts before record the statement. Also, will be keeping an eye on the rendering process to ensure that the situation is running as smoothly as possible.

Major Project: Model Rendering & Initial Scripts

To render the fly through animation, I have setup three cameras which capture a different perspective of the model and I have decided to render each camera as an individual video instead of using batch render which means that the video will be rendered in three sequences. The reason being as I wanted to render each sequence separately is because in case if there are any errors during the rendering process and it can have a huge impact.

Therefore, if the video was rendered in different sequences which will produce three videos and I can combine them in Premiere Pro, and if one video has an issue I can just render that particular video again in 3ds Max. The three cameras animation setup seems it will take four days to render and at the mean time, I will be developing the initial scripts for the fly through video.

Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco


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Creative Economies: Video Essay

After conducted a telephone interview with the interviewee, I went to the presentation to continue the script writing and also make small improvements here and there of the context. In addition, I did a transcripts which is around 3300 words of the interview which can help me to identify which section I should place in my video essay. Also I have started to think about how and what software to record the presentation within the time limit.