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Major Project: Skyscrapers Design Sketches

Continue to produce more skyscraper sketches in a more detailed form and thinking about which version I should be used and to finalising the exterior in a more complete form. At the moment, those sketches only show the design aspect as I also need to consider the texture and materials which will be used when it comes to texturing stage.

After producing six skyscraper designs, and I think I have enough sketches to choose from for further development. I will be making my decision soon of which design sketches I should be used as my final version in 3ds Max.

Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco

Major Project: Return To The Drawing Board

After yesterday’s skyscrapers mock-ups, I would like to develop more similar designs in a variety of sketches as I quite like of those models because of each one of them similar and yet different from each other. Also, I will be viewing my visual research library for inspiration purpose as well as more research into skyscrapers.

Today, I wanted more produce more skyscraper sketches as well as refining the chosen sketch. By the end of this week, I should be moving back to 3ds Max to continue the modelling development to quickly mock out the shape and size, then refining each area section by section.

Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco

Major Project: More Concept Design Sketches

Today, I continue working on the exterior sketches of the building to produce more futuristic rooftop designs. Those concept designs enable me to see which designs are fit for purpose or I think is goes great together. Also, working on some windows sketches to see which window design would fit the exterior the best.

Moreover, I will be going back and forth to mix and match to determine which elements I should use for the final design because at this stage I am aiming to produce more concept designs and use it as if is a Lego set to pot different elements together.

Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco

Major Project: Finalising The Presentation & Continues Sketches

This morning I have been proofreading and finalising the presentation slides for this Wednesday as I should present my forefront field in front of the class. Then back on working to producing sketches of the building, I should begin doing the modelling process at some point during the week to mock-up the initial model and refine it in the weekends.

At the same time, I have been thinking about the material, and texture which will be used to cover the surface of the artefact such as organic materials, solar panels texture, windows texture and door texture as these materials will be created using Photoshop.

Created By Francisco
Created By: Francisco

Major Project: Further Sketches Of The Initial Drawings

Today, I will be continuing working on more sketches of the building to produce drawings which includes surrounding areas as well as standalone drawings to show a more precise refined sketches before moving on to develop the initial building model next week. Ideally, I should have sketches to show the four sides of the building with refined exterior designs. Along with sketches to show the surroundings of the building.

In addition, I will be doing some forefront research in relation to architectural visualisation and sustainable architecture in preparation for the presentation slides to show how my work is related to the forefront field.

Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco

Major Project: Sketches Of The Chosen Building

After spending quite some time in researching architectural visualisation, and I think it’s time to start producing more sketches of the chosen model from the previous initial sketches. Looking back at the initial sketches I produced a few weeks back, I decided to continue the one which is more like the modern architecture and combined with alien spaceship alike rooftop. The reason being is because this architectural is what modern architectural have, but with futuristic characteristic within.

However, compared with the previous sketches I have modified a few changes such as the windows and the doors. This is due to the fact that I was inspired by the recent research into exterior designs, especially the arch designs. The designer combined traditional designs with modern architectural, which makes it interesting and a strong contrast in a good way. Another advantage is that it enables more sunlight and air flow into the building as this is one of many sustainable architecture characteristics.

Created By: Francisco

Major Project: Sketches

Continue the morning with producing more sketches of the concept idea. So far have produced a number of initial concept designs of the idea. However, I will continue but I will be research into details of the building and try to get a sense of the details as I would like to work on the details of the exterior in more in-depth sketches in the next week or so.

So far, I am mainly focusing on producing initial concept designs whenever a new concept come across my mind and draw it with pencil and paper as it is a quick and effective way to document concept designs.

Created By: Francisco

Major Project: Sketch & Skyscraper’s Concept Designs

Continue to create more sketches to a more detailed drawing to show the green building in a complete form. Another area I have been considering skyscrapers as it comes in different shapes and sizes as some also looked like futuristic buildings which I think it is beneficial to me as I want to produce more sketches before making the decision to select one for further development.

Those examples share the same concept is that it is going up but with its very own characteristic within. This is what I want to have in my artefact is to have its own character rather than just another normal building.

Created By: Francisco

Skyscrapers Concept Designs



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Major Project: Finalise the Presentation & Continue Sketches

Continue working on the presentation on how I document the project development life cycle, also referred to as the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). I will be spending fewer more hours to just finalising and proofreading the slides.

Later, will be continuing the sketches of the buildings because per my Gantt chart I am somewhat behind schedule. Therefore, I want to spend more time on the sketches and once I receive a signed off for approving I can start developing the models in Autodesk 3ds Max very soon.

Created By: Francisco

Major Project: Continues Sketches of The Building Models

Continuing developing more sketches of different kind of buildings to have the choice to select one for further development. Spend the morning to create this futuristic drawing as I wanted to get ideas down on paper as soon as possible and quickly sketch out the concept design. This is more like a skyscraper as I believe that in the near future most buildings will likely to be going up in order to accommodate more people while spaces are limited.

However, the building also needs to be environmentally friendly which explains the exterior is covered with the organic surface to allow grass or plants to grow on the exterior surface. Also, there will be solar panels installed on the top of the building to harvest sunlight as well as windows to enable sunlight to go through the building. This is to use as much natural light as possible and reduce using artificial light.

Created By: Francisco