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Major Project: Applying Textures

Today, I will continue working to apply more textures which I have created in Photoshop. Will be applying textures onto the upper body of the building to see how it how it looks like. Also, working on how the material mapping system works as some of the textures still do not look quite right.

As suggested during the individual meeting I will be going through some of the online tutorials in relation to seamless repeat to try it can solve the problem occurred in some of the textures in Photoshop. I will be using the trial and error method in the artefact until it is what I feel is what I expected to be.

Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco

Major Project: Applying Textures

Started to apply some of the textures to see how it look and feel was like. The texture on the artefact gives a cartoon feel but after the model was rendered in a 2D image, the look has improved slightly but could be better. The metal and the dark mental looks very nice on the sky bridges support arms as it shows the kind of textures you would find in the modern skyscrapers.

On the other hand, I need to understand how the material mapping system works as I am still unsure how it works or maybe I could improve the existing textures by changing some of the parameters and colour strength.

Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco

Major Project: Creating Textures

Today, I am continuing working on creating more textures in Photoshop as I would like to finish this development today so that I can start applying textures onto the model to seems how it would look like and if I need it require any improvements to the texture or refine it more.

So far so good, as I have managed to finish creating all of the textures which is listed on my initial texture checklist and it allows me to keep track on what I have done, as well as how many textures remaining. At the moment, I am happy with the outcome of those textures as it is what I expected in my mind.

Created By: Francisco – Organic Material
Created By: Francisco – Frosted Glass
Created By: Francisco – Blocks Glass
Created By: Francisco – Tiny Lens Glass
Created By: Francisco – Canvas Glass

Major Project: Creating Textures

I have created an initial texture checklist to help me to identify the kind of textures I will be applying to the artefact. However, this is subject to change as I may use a different kind if it does not suit the model.

All of the textures will be created in Photoshop and it will be saved in PNG file format which will then be used in 3ds Max. I have looked at some online tutorials on how to create the grass and glass textures as I was unsure how to approach this. But the rest was developed on how I think the metal textures would suit the artefact.

FullSizeRender (2)
Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco – Metal
Created By: Francisco – Dark Metal


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